Residents left 'disgusted' as Eastwood beauty spot spoiled by fly-tippers

Angry residents have slammed the eco criminals who fly-tipped broken furniture at an Eastwood beauty spot.

Friday, 30th April 2021, 4:07 pm
Mattresses and chairs were among the items fly-tipped into the brook.

A number of people took to social media last week to report the mattress, chairs and other pieces of broken furniture floating in the brook at Hall Park Nature Reserve.

A Facebook user posted: “As if there wasn't enough pollution spilling out of the run-off tubes, the brook is now full of someone's old furniture.

"Mattresses, bed bases, chairs and various other broken down rubbish is slowly gliding further down.

“I just want to tell whoever did this that you're one of the scumbag reasons this place will always be considered a dive. How pathetic and pointless. You disgust me.”

Others were quick to agree that the mess was unacceptable, especially as there are tips nearby.

Susan Coulton commented: “Disgusting. There’s just no need when we have plenty of tips in the area. The people at Heanor tip are particularly helpful, but there’s Kimberley and plenty of others.”

Amanda Pugsley agreed: “There is no excuse for anyone to be fly tipping.”

The incident sparked a plea for residents to dispose of waste responsibly and always make sure the person or company being paid to take it away is trustworthy.

Lynda-Jean Stone commented: “The problem is sometimes people genuinely pay people to take their rubbish – and then this happens. Please get rid of your rubbish responsibly.”

Registered waste carriers in Nottinghamshire have also recently become concerned about the number of ‘man and van’ adverts and self-promotion on Facebook and other social media platforms offering to take away people’s rubbish.

Graham Betteridge, of the Environment Agency, said: “Rogue traders using social media to con people into parting with their waste cheaply are the new door steppers.

"People are then discovering their waste has been fly-tipped in a country lane or beside the road. Always check whether the collector has a waste carriers’ license from the Environment Agency, ask where the rubbish will end up, don't pay cash and insist on a receipt, then record the details of the vehicle used to take the rubbish away.”

The incident has been reported to the council.