Will you support Brinsley Animal Rescue’s pet appeal?

Brinsley Animal Rescue has issued yet another appeal to the public after 26 requests to donate rabbits were made in a single week.

The Hobsic Close rescue centre has issued numerous appeals to pet owners in Nottinghamshire about the “responsibilities” which come with owning rabbits, and has appealed for funds to help vaccinate and rehome the loving bunnies once they arrive.

Appealing to its followers on Facebook and beyond, the centre asked to raise £850 to support the animals and was met with an overwhelming response – with animal lovers raising almost £1,000 to help find them a new home.

Jon Beresford, centre manager, said: “The situation with unwanted rabbits isn’t getting any better, this week we have had separate calls to take in 26, yes 26 in a week.

“Of these, we have managed to take 10 in today, sadly we don’t have room for the other 16 right now.

“While some of these have been well looked after and from owners who have reluctantly had to seek a new home for their pet, most have been given up for reasons such as the kids have got bored, they are fighting because boys aren’t castrated or they have been bought from a breeder or pet shops and had little or no advice.

“Of these 10 rabbits, only three were neutered and none vaccinated and several have come in with untreated health issues.

“Neutering, vaccinating against myxomatosis, VHD1 and VHD2 and regular health checks should be part of responsible pet ownership.

“Sadly this isn’t offered or advised when people buy a rabbit for £30 from a garden centre or pet shop.

“This will now cost the charity £850 and take about six weeks per rabbit before they can go up for adoption.

“About £40 was donated with the rabbits, leaving us to raise a further £810, plus treatment, plus food costs.

“However, we appealed for support and people raised £990 for us to support the rabbits, which will go a long way.

“Thanks so much to everyone that donated money to our appeal. We’ve started the costly exercise of vaccinating all the healthy ones, cleaning mucky bums and trimming nails – it really is a glamorous old job.”

n To donate, visit fb.com/Brinsley-Animal-Rescue