EU referendum MPs praised


I am sure readers will have seen the result of last Monday’s vote in Parliament when only 111 MPs voted for a referendum on our membership of the EU.

They reflected the will of the people, an attribute in short supply these days.

This is about the future of Britain and should not have been a party issue, still less one to threaten MPs with a three line whip.

I’m sure people will also know whether their own MP is among the 111 who defied their Party whip and supported a referendum.

Those MPs are to be congratulated on sticking to their guns and I trust that people will remember who did not support a referendum when the next election comes round.

I also hope that everyone will realise why the whips were used. 

These three party leaders are painfully aware that a referendum would probably result in a vote to get out of the EU.

Since they are all determined to keep Britain in, never mind the accelerating loss of sovereignty, they had to turn to strong-arm tactics, which begs the question.

If the EU is so good for us why did this arise in the first place?

Since this did become a party issue let me point out that UKIP has been working for withdrawal from this wretched EU for over 17 years, it is why we were formed.

It is why we seek your vote and I would like to say to the 111, who understood that this is the only issue which matters; you are invited to come and join us.

Yours sincerely,

Derek Clark,