Ex-takeaway boss fined over hygiene

NEAABE111108c1, Yien takeaway, Eastwood road Kimberley.
NEAABE111108c1, Yien takeaway, Eastwood road Kimberley.

THE previous owner of a Chinese takeaway in Kimberley has been fined over £3,000 for breaching hygeine regulations.

Broxtowe Borough Council found the kitchen at Yien Takeaway in Eastwood Road filthy when they carried out an inspection back in March, and discovered food stored in dirty old boxes.

The previous owner, Cheok Tong Lao has now been prosecuted and fined £3,180.

The council said the walls were stained and dirty, there was thick burned-on grease and food debris encrusted around the cooker, the sinks and soap dispensers were dirty, there was food debris and finger marks on the inside and outside of the microwave and chiller, and the extraction system was coated in black grease.

The floor had only been cleaned on the visible area leaving a distinct line between clean and dirty, food surfaces, chopping boards and food storage containers were dirty and food service bags and packs of prawn crackers were being stored in old and greasy cardboard boxes, said council inspectors.

Food handlers must wear clean protective clothing yet Mr Lao wore none and the only available apron was dirty and had a hole in it.

Although Mr Lao has worked in the food industry for 20 years and had recently taken a distance learning training course in food hygiene, his knowledge of good practice, said the council, ‘was poor with important temperatures not known and open foods being left out uncovered where they could become contaminated’.

Magistrates said that despite receiving previous warnings from Environmental Health Officers, Mr Lao had shown ‘a flagrant disregard for the food hygiene regulations’.

He pleaded guilty to nine food safety offences at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court.

Mr Lao’s fine included £915 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Yien Takeaway has now changed hands and the new proprietor has made numerous improvements and recently received a ‘satisfactory’ rating of three out of five.