Exciting new initiative at Ikea

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The High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, Mrs.Nicky Weston, has officially launched a new initiative at Ikea in Giltbrook, which will provide opportunities and support to a group of unemployed teenagers.

Young people unable to find work due to behavioural problems or those whose lives have been disrupted by wayward lifestyles, are being given a chance to shine through the Stolen Futures Project.

Mrs Weston teamed up with representatives of the Nottingham based youth charity Young Potential, and British Land owners of Giltbrook Retail Park, which is the programme’s principal fund provider, as well as teenage brothers Simon and Andrew Lees who are benefitting from the project.

Stolen Futures will provide 12 weeks of intensive coaching and support to 16 to 18 year-olds who are determined to make the most of a golden opportunity to turn their lives around after years of difficulties.

Sophie Forbes Taylor, operations manager with Young Potential said: “Eastwood South where the programme will be based has a number of youth issues and we have set up a programme which will offer a number of young offenders an alternative future.”

“The project aims to enhance the lives of disadvantaged young people by trying to boost their confidence, by providing basic skills and practical disciplines that will help them to take more positive control of their lives.”

Generous funding for Stolen Futures has been provided by British Land, owners of Giltbrook Retail Park, backed by Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales, George Hallam and Sons, and the Jessie Spencer Fund.

The two-year funding will enable up 100 young people to undergo a 12-week training programme that will in time lead to paid employment, apprenticeship opportunities or continued training and education.

The emphasis will be on retail with the popular Giltbrook Retail Park acting as a catalyst.

High Sheriff Nicky Weston said “ It is a great pleasure to be associated with a scheme that is grounded in practical help and training that will make a difference to so many young people who may otherwise have slipped the net”.

The former Mayor of Broxtowe Margaret Handley, and Council leader Milan Radulovic expressed their delight in a new initiative that is going to open up the doors to disadvantaged youngsters and to give them a chance make their marks.

For details about the Stolen Futures project contact...Sophie on 07931 346757 or look at sophie.t@youngpotential.org.uk