Eyesores need to be sorted

Devonshire Drive School 13th Nov 2011
Devonshire Drive School 13th Nov 2011


During the month of October several letters appeared in the Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser which addressed the former Walker Street School Site and its possible future use.

Without doubt it has become an absolute eyesore to both the general public and also to those visitors to our town who follow along the DH Lawrence Blue Line Trail.

On top of that and within a further 100 yards is eyesore number two, namely the now defunct town council offices.

By the turn of the New Year a brand new school Springbank Primary will become occupied, replacing the former Devonshire Drive School a building which – albeit quite old as it was opened in 1910 – is still to my casual eye structurally sound, somewhat similar to that of the former Walker Street School.

Is this site to be allowed to become eyesore number three, or are their any plans currently under review for its future use ?

Recognising the problems of traffic congestion around the doctor’s and dentist’s surgeries on Church Street, and the limited parking spaces available for the doctor’s surgery in Church Walk, coupled with the fact we no longer have a town council office and the Police Authority saying they need a new police station.

All these requirements warrant some serious lateral thinking and leadership from our town councillors from whatever political persuasion and in consequence present a structured plan to the Nottingham County Council which hopefully will get rid of these eyesores.

I attach an aerial photograph showing the area around the Devonshire Drive School with the new Springbank Primary School shown in the top left. This may help the councillors with their deliberations.

Mick Rowley

Garden Road,