Fake aerosols on the market

People are being warned about counterfeit air fresheners which could be on sale in Nottinghamshire and are potentially dangerous to health.

The county council’s trading standards team seized 34 cans of fake Airwick freshener aerosols from an Ollerton outlet on June 1.

It is believed such counterfeit goods contain a much higher amount of methanol than the genuine product.

Up to 60 per cent of the counterfeit product is made of Ethanol which is illegal in the EU compared to trace levels that are found in the genuine air freshener.

Methanol is toxic to humans if ingested – as little as 10 ml of pure methanol can cause permanent blindness and 30ml is potentially fatal.

BBC 1’s Fake Britain recently highlighted the problem of counterfeit Airwick aerosol fresheners on the market.

A genuine Airwick aerosol product will have a label that continues around the can with no gap whereas a fake will have a vertical seam with the plain metal showing through.

Nottinghamshire residents who have purchased an Airwick aerosol which they believe may be fake should contact the Citizens Advice consumer service on 08454 04 05 06.