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AN Eastwood animal lover left devastated after seeing her cat ‘ripped apart’ by two dogs, is calling for owners to make sure they keep their pets on leads.

Irene Hodgkinson says she has cried for three days since the attack and her neighbours are now worried about letting their pets out as a result.

“I’ve been really upset, but I’m angry now. They ripped my cats to bits,” she said.

“Dog owners should keep their animals on leads and have more control over them. They shouldn’t be allowed to run wild.

“It’s not normal for dogs to kill cats like that.”

The 73-year-old, who lives in Church Street, was watching television with her husband when they heard a ‘scuffling’ noise outside.

She said she opened her front door to see the dogs attacking their cat, Tabby, and dragging her away by her leg.

“My husband opened the door and said there were two dogs.

“He said ‘they’ve got something’ and he was shouting ‘get away, get away’.

“Then he turned to me and said ‘they’ve got our Tabby’.

“I looked out and one of the dogs was dragging her away by her leg.”

Mrs Hodgkinson brought Tabby inside, but she died a few minutes later.

“She was very badly injured, all over her face,” she added.

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