Family forced into hotel at New Year

NEAALM110112A1 - Nigel Holmes had no water over the christmas period due to a water leak at Brookhill Leys school car park.
NEAALM110112A1 - Nigel Holmes had no water over the christmas period due to a water leak at Brookhill Leys school car park.

AN Eastwood family left with no water were forced to sleep in hotels over New Year because of a burst pipe at a nearby school.

Nigel Holmes and his wife and two children had to spend three nights in a hotel over New Year after being left without water for two weeks.

And the family-of-four say they are furious because they still have not had an apology from Nottinghamshire County Council for the inconvenience.

The burst pipe in the car park of Brookhill Leys Primary School was reported on Christmas Eve when the water was turned off, but was not fixed until January 6.

Mr Holmes, who lives next door to the school site in Chewton Street, said: “I’ve had nothing from anyone. No apology for all the hassle. Nothing.

“People at the county council are on hundreds of thousands of pounds a year and they can’t organise people to get the problem fixed.

“It took them six days working on it to fix it and for the few days they were digging in the wrong place.

“I think it’s disgusting that the county council has treated a family like this.

“No-one has offered to pay my petrol for all of the running around I have done. As well as trekking around hotels we had to do all our washing at my mother-in-laws in Ripley.

“We’ve disrupted our neighbours lives for two weeks, even getting water off them on Christmas Day and we’ve not had one sorry.”

Workmen went out between Christmas and New Year to fix the leak but could not find the source of the problem, and did not return until after New Year.

Nottinghamshire County Council paid for the family to stay in hotels between Christmas and New Year, including New Year’s Eve, for three nights. But Mr Holmes, who is a county council employee, said they did not book them in properly, causing more upset.

“The first night they (the council) did not book us in properly and we nearly had to pay ourselves, and then at another hotel they didn’t book us in for enough nights.”

The council did however give the family a key to turn the water on for a shower each day.

The council’s John Slater, service director education standards and inclusion, said: “We acted quickly to temporarily re-home Mr Holmes and his family and ensure that the pipe was repaired at the first opportunity.

“Mr Holmes will be reimbursed for the cost of staying in the temporary accommodation and expenses incurred because of the incident.”