Family upset about houses

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A FAMILY in Nuthall say they are disappointed plans were given the go-ahead ahead for 24 properties to be built behind their home.

The Tomlinsons house in Kimberley Road has been in the family for more than 80 years and was built by their grandparents, but they say their private garden is now going to be overlooked by the new houses.

Patrick Tomlinson formed a committee to fight the plans when they were submitted earlier this year, arguing not only will their property over-looked by several houses, but the new development is also going to affect the wildlife.

“My wife’s grandmother had this house built and all she has ever known is the wildlife at the back of the house,” said Mr Tomlinson.

“We’ve lived here for 30 years and we have never known anyone to look over us. All of a sudden we’ve got a massive three storey house overlooking our kitchen.”

The entrance to the site runs down the side of the Tomlinson’s garden, meaning three houses will immediately look over the garden and they also have concerns over extra noise and traffic.

Mr Tomlinson’s daughter, Kathryn, also said she was concerned for her mum’s safety who was disabled and at home all day.

“The access road goes right down the side of our garden and anyone can go down there,” she said. “It’s about security.

“They are practically providing access to our garden by putting the road down there.”

The land, behind numbers 85-99 Kimberley Road, was all owned by residents living in the immediate vicinity, who sold it off.

They said they saw no problem with the new housing being built, and backed using the land for the development.

One resident said: “It was just wasteland that’s been overgrown for years and nobody could do anything with.

“What else can you do with it?

“It might as well be a benefit to the community.”

Developers Bloor Homes declined to comment.