Farewell to Sheila

shiela stackhouse
shiela stackhouse
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A DINNERLADY at The Kimberley School has retired after 33 years.

Sheila Stackhouse, who went to the school herself as a child, worked her last day last Thursday.

Staff and teachers threw her a leaving do before sending her off to start her retirement.

The 75-year-old said: “It was lovely, a really nice surprise.

“I am really sad to be leaving but then again I can’t go on forever at my age can I?! I have always loved being amongst the children.”

Sheila said it was the cold weather setting in that made her think about finally throwing in the towel.

“The weather made my decision really. I thought I can’t be falling over at my age.

“I didn’t want to be waking up every morning looking out the window and worrying what the weather was doing.”

School bursar Mike Jones said people were sad to see her go.

“Everyone was very sad.

“She knew how to speak to the children and she will be missed a lot by all.

“She was very kind and understanding and she always listened.

Mr Jones said Sheila worked until her mid 70s because she enjoyed it and it kept her busy and she enjoyed it.

“She enjoyed her job and enjoyed being with the kids,” he said. “It kept her active and kept her busy.

“She always said the Kimberley School was a good school and the kids have always been good.

“But she can’t stay forever. I said to her ‘you can now enjoy your lunch times out of the cold!’”

Sheila was one of the first intake at the school back in 1947.

She worked at Wolsey factory in Kimberley for a time before she became a dinnerlady.

She now plans to enjoy her retirement with her family and go on more holidays. She has four children, ten grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.