Faye a ‘role model’ to all other teens

Faye Appleyard has been nominated for the 4uth Awards for her volunteering work
Faye Appleyard has been nominated for the 4uth Awards for her volunteering work

A Kimberley teen has been nominated for a prestigious county-wide award after proving herself as a ‘role model’ to other youngsters at her local youth centre.

Faye Appleyard, 18, volunteered at Kimberley Young People’s Centre helping inspire other youngsters.

She said being nominated for the 4Uth awards made it feel like what she did had purpose.

She said: “It was a wonderful feeling when I heard.

“It made it feel like I was doing it for a reason.”

Faye volunteered four nights a week for about a year before recently getting a paid job at the centre as a youth support worker.

“I started using the centre in 2013 but last year when I had my daughter I didn’t go myself anymore. I thought I would start volunteering because I loved going and I wanted to make people enjoy their time there has much as I did.”

Kimberley youth worker Irfaan Hussain nominated her for the awards, which recognise the achievements of youngsters, describing her as a ‘role model’ to others.

He said: “Faye has engaged well with other peers and youth workers. She interacted and engaged with other young people in an appropriate and mature manner as well as taking part in organizing both indoor and outdoor activities.

“Throughout her time at the centre, Faye has shown a keen interest in arts, crafts and design, and often sat down with other young people encouraging them to take part in arts and craft events.”

“She consistently demonstrated a high level of maturity and she is much liked and respected, within the community and youth centre. I feel Faye has all the characteristics and qualities to develop into an excellent role model for other young people,” he said.

Faye had become a senior young person within the centre, helping behind the coffee bar, helping with food preparation and making cakes and pizzas with the young people.

Her volunteering went down extremely well with the younger members of the club, as they were able to demonstrate social skills, equipping them for adulthood.

Faye showed youth workers and other members that she was competent enough to pass on some of her own skills and experience whist still mature enough to take on and abound new learning shared with her by other Youth Workers.

She is planning to use these skills to enhance her own life skills and get work in the future.

Faye is now looking into a future within a job that focuses on working with young people in an early help format before they have moved too far down the line for support from youth workers.

She recently helped redesign and redecorate all of the notice boards in the centre.

Instagram and Twitter will feature some of the 4Uth nominees this year.

It will raise the profile of the young people featured, and could encourage peers and friends in their communities to nominate other worthy candidates.

For more details about the awards visit the Nottinghamshire County Council website at nottinghamshire.gov.uk/4uth and #4Uth.