Fear over return of racing bikes

A PATHWAY has been created through a park in Nuthall leaving residents worried it will encourage youths racing up and down on mini motos.

Residents are concerned a long-standing problem they had with youths on motorcycles through Broxtowe Country Park will come back and are angry Nottingham City Council went ahead with the pathway without consulting them first.

One Nuthall resident said: “I am worried about the problem coming back. It will encourage the bikes now because they will have a clean swip from one end to the other.”

People whose properties back onto the park say they have had no end of problems with youths in the past and claim Nottingham City Council vowed to consult them on any developments.

But the council has installed a cycle path running from Nottingham Road to Woodhouse Way, only consulting with residents who live at the opposite end of the park on the Broxtowe estate.

Nuthall councillor Philip Owen has receieved several complaints from residents who live on the Horsendale Estate and the Assarts Farm Estate.

He said: “The fear of residents understandably is this pathway will be used as a motorcycle racing track and all the problems that we had a few years ago will return.

“The residents are very concerned and particularly angry that they were not consulted on the proposals.

“The city council promised in the past that they would consult with Nuthall residents on any developments on the park. They consulted with the Broxtowe estate residents, but not with people this end.”

There was a long-standing problem with youths on motorcycles a few years ago, but the police managed to stamp it out.

Cllr Owen said the city council had put motorcycle barriers at both ends of the pathway, but he said he found it hard to believe that this would keep them out.

Cllr David Trimble portfolio holder for leisure, culture and tourism at Nottingham City Council said a Nuthall parish councillor did go on a site walk with council officers.

“Broxtowe Park Task Force was established to provide community representatives from all areas with a forum to air local views and concerns and take back news on proposals. A representative of Nuthall Parish Council was invited to this group to represent Nuthall residents.”

He said cyclists will be expected to use the restrictive gates.