Fight is on for green space


Along with many others, my wife and I took advantage of the weekend’s snowfall to walk the fields and woods between Watnall, Kimberley and Moorgreen.

And what a wonderful walk it was. Everyone seemed to be out – kids sledging, dogs being exercised even a snowboarder.

What a wonderful recreational amenity for the local community.

But it occurred to me looking over the fields toward Greasley Church that this was precisely the area the developers want to build houses on.

This marvellous resource for the local community would be lost forever.

This assault on our environment and the quality of life for residents in the area must never be allowed to happen.

Already plans for building on greenbelt land in other parts of the borough are being shelved because of local opposition. Let’s make sure they don’t pick on our green spaces because they have failed to get permission elsewhere in the borough.

Make your views known by writing to MP Anna Soubry who is taking a keen interest in the issue.

Also Steffan Saunders at the Planning Department at Beeston and Milan Radulovic, leader of Broxtowe Borough Council.

It is a battle we must win – both for ourselves and for generations to come.

David Hale