Final year for Snow White panto babe

Olivia Tomlinson ahead of her performance in the Snow White panto.
Olivia Tomlinson ahead of her performance in the Snow White panto.

A panto babe from Eastwood dancing in Snow White is giving this year’s performance her absolute all as it could be her last one.

Twelve-year-old Olivia Davis is busy preparing for her sixth pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham where she will dance alongside celebrities for the festive season.

Olivia is part of Marcia Jones School of Dance in Beeston where she learns everything from ballet and modern theatre to jazz, disco and street dance.

However, as Olivia is getting older she is worried that this could be her last year on the stage as a panto babe.

She said: “It makes me sad because I would not be spending as much time on stage, but I also know the dance group needs to see some new dancers in the panto.

“Being on stage makes me feel really happy and proud but also grateful to be there.”

Olivia, who dreams of become a professional dancer. began dancing at the age of three and her mum Hilary Tomlinson says that she has not stopped ever since.

Hilary added: “When I take her anywhere she just starts to dance.

“I’m just really proud of her - you have to have a lot of confidence to go on that stage and dance in front of thousands of people.

“She’s got the biggest smiles and the cheesiest grins, you can tell she just loves the show.”

Hilary and her partner Tony Barnes will be going along to see Olivia in Snow White, and they have a lovely tradition where her mum gives her a bouquet of flowers on the show’s opening night, and an engraved trophy on the final night.

“We have to be realistic as she is getting older and could have a growth spurt before next year, but I know she won’t stop dancing completely.”

Snow White is on now at the Theatre Royal. Visit for tickets.