Find your new Broxtowe Borough councillor

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Eastwood South: Charlie Robb (Lab) 878 Elected, Milan Radulovic (Lab) 1,008 Elected, Sue Bagshaw (Lab) 984 Elected, Christine Bird (Con) 476, Josie Forrest (Lib Dem) 537, David Hallam (Lib Dem) 522, June Layton (Con) 462, Keith Longdon (Lib Dem) 577, Deborah Viitanen (Con) 361.

Eastwood North and Greasley (Beauvale): David Bagshaw (Lab) 408 Elected, Hazel Charlesworth (Lib Dem) 337 Elected *, Bob Charlesworth (Lib Dem) 358, John Handley (Tory) 292, Adrian Limb (Tory) 257, Ken Woodhead (Lab) 345.

Kimberley and Cossall: Richard Robinson (Lab) 1,284 Elected, Mary McGuckin (Lab) 1,131 Elected, Andy Cooper (Lab) 1,093 Elected, Elaine Cockburn (Lib Dem) 390, Melissa Crow (Con) 942, Edward Cubley (Con) 729, Shane Easom (Con) 997, Godfrey Walt (Lib Dem) 166, Stephanie Walt (Lib Dem) 149.

Brinsley: John Booth (Con) 468 Elected, Beth Hewis (Green) 83, Don Rowley (Lab) 246, Martin Shaw (Lib Dem) 33.

Nuthall West and Greasley (Watnall): Derek Burnett (Con) 1,020 Elected, Jill Owen (Con) 1,084 Elected, Laura Brown (Lab) 648, Christine Brown (Lab) 673.

Awsworth: Lydia Ball (Con) 445 Elected, Sarah Brown (Lab) 386

Nuthall East and Strelley: Clare Colmore (Lab) 763, Nita Green (Con) 954 Elected, Janet Pearce (Lab) 699, Paul Simpson (Con) 977 Elected.

Greasley (Giltbrook and Newthorpe): Mick Brown (Con) 1,331 Elected, Lee-Ann Foreman (Lib Dem) 202, Laura Franchi (Lab) 896, Margaret Handley (Con) 1,196 Elected, David Kirwan (Lab) 874, Nigel Morgan (Lib Dem) 187, Stuart Rowland (Con) 1,120 Elected, Colin Sansom (Lab) 945, Kevin Wilkinson (Lib Dem) 205.

* In Eastwood North and Greasley (Beauvale) Ward the wrong winner was announced at the election count. Bob Charlesworth should have been elected, not his wife Hazel. See above for more.