Fines for bus gate flouters

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Drivers could be fined if they use a bus gate lane as a short cut to the Nuthall Island.

Cameras and mini-roundabout the junction of Nottingham Road and Roland Avenue have been installed to stop drivers flouting the rules and using the bus gate between 4pm and 6.30pm.

Despite the bus gate being in place since 2003, it has been difficult for police to enforce without cameras and a roundabout to give drivers who have made a genuine mistake the chance to turn around.

Now the rules will be properly enforced with fines issued if drivers contravene them.

The bus gate was introduced to provide priority for buses at the A610 Nuthall roundabout Monday to Friday between 4pm and 6.30pm.

It consists of a short section of road which provides direct access to Nuthall roundabout from the junction of Nottingham Road and Roland Avenue at the edge of the Horsendale estate.

Residents living in the Horsendale Estate have requested they be exempt from the restriction because they have to travel a mile out of their way to reach the Nuthall Island.

The council says it would be too difficult for certain drivers to be exempt.