Fines for cars going off road

Police say drivers in Eastwood will face fines if they keep using bridleways and footpaths as shortcuts.

Officers, who issued the warning after a lot of complaints from residents, are concerned for the safety of walkers and cyclists and say the misuse of these paths is ‘unacceptable’.

They say the worse ares is Coach Road and Lamb Close, which connects Coach Drive to Pheonix Road, and is a footpath and connecting bridleway to a farm.

Drivers are also cutting corners to avoid the height barrier in Engine Lane and queueing traffic in Mansfield Road.

Beat Manager PC Martin Battison said: “Our main concern is for the safety of those who walk along these paths, who do not expect to meet a car there.

“Driving a vehicle along this path is an offence, with the exception of gaining access to an address, and we will fine anyone who does so.

“The route now has clear signage, so there are no excuses,” he added.

Pc Battison said recent gas mains works made the problem worse and he is concerned when they start up again in the New Year drivers will flout the rules again.

“It reached a fever pitch last month with the works being done in Mansfield Road.

“People became wise to the route and used it as a permanent thing,” he said.

“In the new year we’ve heard Greenhills Road could be closing for up to a week at one end with works being done to the gas mains and we’re worried this could make it a big problem again.”

Fines will be £30, but repeat offenders will be taken to court and fined much more.