Firefighters to join latest strike

Firefighters are taking more industrial action
Firefighters are taking more industrial action

Firefighters across Nottinghamshire are set to join a huge one day public sector strike next week over disputes with the government on pay and other issues.

The Fire Brigades Union has announced that firefighters all over the country will be taking part in the strike on Thursday July 10.

The long-running dispute over firefighters’ pensions has prompted another day of strikes, alongside civil servants, teachers and local government workers who are also walking out for the day.

The strike will is the latest in the unions’ campaign and will last from 10am and 7pm,

Matt Wrack, of the Fire Brigades Union, said that they have wanted to settle the dispute for a long time, but said the government is not listening.

He added: “We are therefore proud to take strike action alongside our colleagues in other unions on July 10.

“If they won’t listen and won’t negotiate then this is the result.”