Firm wins a contract with baking giant

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An Eastwood company has just won a huge contract with the baking giant, Hovis.

Microlise will provide services to help track the activity of company delivery vehicles.

The 450 vehicles and 190 trailers will be fit with technology that can track where drivers go, and apps that will offer fast and effective proof of delivery.

Nadeem Raza, chief executive officer at Microlise said: “Microlise is a best in class solution and we are delighted to be partnering with a company that understands our business and will deliver a solution that will be integral to our transport operation.

“Hovis will also be utilising the Microlise Remote Digital Tachograph Download product, to manage driver hour compliance and reduce the administration required around tachograph data collection.

“The investment by Hovis in such a comprehensive telematics and proof of delivery solution will deliver huge returns on investment to the transport operation.

“Not only will the solution deliver efficiencies and cost savings, but it will allow Hovis to enhance service levels to their customers.

Mr Raza added: “Microlise telematics and electronic proof of delivery solutions help our customers to reduce the cost and environmental impact of their fleet operations. We achieve this by maximising utilisation, increasing efficiency, and improving economy and safety.”

Alison Davies, head of logistics for Hovis said: “As a market leader, Hovis is committed to exceptional service levels to customers, and the investment in Microlise telematics and proof of delivery will support that aim.”

Microlise proof of delivery technology supports functionality such as sign-on glass, barcode scanning and image capture.

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Microlise is based in Farrington Way.