Five-figure council pay gap revealed

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The pay gap between the lowest and highest paid staff at cash-strapped Broxtowe Borough Council has been revealed to be more than £90,000.

There are a total of 835 people employed by the authority with the biggest earner being the chief executive, Ruth Hyde, who is on £105,757 a year plus expenses.

Figures that have been uncovered by the Advertiser show that this is over £90,000 more than the lowest paid role, which is a cleaner.

The statistics also show that while the pay scale for the lowest paid employees was altered in 2013, the salaries for the top ten earners has been left untouched since April 2008.

Commenting on the five-figure pay gap, a spokesperson for Broxtowe Borough Council said that the council’s pay policy is discussed and agreed annually by full council and published in the public domain on their website.

They added: “The council recognises the importance of managing pay fairly whilst attracting motivated and talented people who will make a positive contribution to improve the council’s performance and meet future challenges.

“The Chief executive’s salary was unanimously determined by the council as the correct rate for the role.”

The spokesperson also said that the pay ratio between the highest and lowest paid employees is also published within the pay policy and is currently 5.38 to 1.

This compares nationally with an average of 5.1 to 1 for district councils, which means the borough council has a smaller pay gap than district councils across the country.