Flat plan for old pub given the green light

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A DERELICT pub is being converted into three flats in Kimberley.

The Queen Adelaide in Babbington Lane, Swingate, will be turned into three residential flats after Broxtowe Borough Council gave a planning application the green light earlier this month.

Residents living in the road are worried about the increase in traffic and their privacy being taken away from them.

Norman Andrews said: “I think it’s terrible. It’s awful.

“There’s too many cars up here already. There’s only one way in and one way out of Swingate.

“And the people in those flats will look straight in to my windows.”

Rowina Stuart said traffic already ‘raced’ along the road and if the flats housed large families with several cars it would be too much traffic.

She was also worried about the application setting a precedent and more and more properties, for example in the pub car park or in the neighbouring field, being given the green light.

“If they build flats and houses in that field in will be horrendous,” she said.

“It would spread right out to Awsworth.”

Residents in the road campaigned ten years ago to stop plans for 350 houses on the field at the end of the road going ahead.

Current plans include a footpath near the pub being moved between two houses on the left of the street.

A planning application was submitted to build four houses in the pub car park just less than a year ago.

But Broxtowe Borough Council refused it saying if the pub re-opened customers would have nowhere to park, and they would end up causing congestion and bad feeling among residents in Babbington Lane.

The Queen Adelaide closed at the beginning of last year.