Flood concern over homes bid

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Plans to build 22 new homes opposite a primary school in Eastwood have sparked flooding concerns for residents.

The proposal, spearheaded by developer Rippon Homes, would see a new housing estate built on land behind Springbank Primary School on Church Street.

But a resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he was worried about drainage of the field where there had been previous flooding.

He said: “Freak weather is becoming more common and this area has flooded more than once already.”

Paul Alexander, another Church Street resident, whose home backs onto the site, claimed original plans had allocated the land for the primary school’s playing fields.

The 59-year-old paint chemist said: “It is not a legal issue but morally. If it was bought for the use of the school then there is the argument that it should not be used to build houses on.”

He added that the land had never been built on and before the school was built the field had its original medieval ridges and furrows.

But Ian Dyke, managing director at Rippon Homes, said the land offers a suitable opportunity to create a family-friendly community and is confident the flooding won’t prove too much of an issue.

“As a responsible developer we now install sustainable urban drainage systems encompassing flood attenuation measures and soak-aways where the ground is suitable,” he said.

“In terms of flooding from surface water running along the surface of the ground, we will be installing land drains to accommodate any over-ground run off.”

Subject to planning permission from Broxtowe Borough Council, the company aims to begin work towards the end of 2014.

Mr Dyke added: “These homes will be built to the latest energy efficiency regulations and much consideration has been given to designing homes that will fit comfortably alongside the area’s existing buildings.”

Leader of Eastwood TownCouncil, Cllr David Bagshaw, said he supported the housing plans as they will be part of the 1,250 homes which need to be built by 2028, but he did have some concerns.

He said: “We need houses but we are aware of where we should build them.

“There was always meant to be some housing on that land, but if they were to build on there I would want to see a quality development.”

Cllr Bagshaw’s other concerns are about Church Street being overlooked, site access and whether it would cause any danger to school children.

“Safety for the kids is paramount,” he added.