Food outlets and flats for welfare?

NEAABE120229d1, Former Kimberley MW.
NEAABE120229d1, Former Kimberley MW.

RUMOURS are circulating Kimberley that the town’s miners welfare is being turned into a convenience store and takeaway.

Residents living nearby also believe the new owner wants to turn the top floor of the building into four flats.

Council chairman Roy Plumb said it would be a ‘shame’ if it was being turned into a food store as there is already one just doors away at the top of Gilt Hill.

Cllr Plumb said the owner of the existing convenience store had just forked out money on refurbishing his shop and his business could now be under threat from new competition if the rumours are true.

“I would find it quite disappointing because the man at the top of Gilt Hill has spent a lot converting his off licence into a convenience store,” said Cllr Plumb.

“It’s the only place where you can buy food and drink in that area. He has just spent all that money on it and this would cut his throat.

“He struggles for parking and the welfare has its own parking as well so that might attract people.”

Cllr Plumb went on to say the town did not need any more takeaways.

“The only thing up that end of the town is an Indian takeaway and a Chinese takeaway,” he added.

“Kimberley seems to be becoming the takeaway and eatery centre of Nottingham at the moment.

“I appreciate it’s a nice gesture to go out to eat, but everywhere you look in Kimberley is a takeaway or a beauty parlour.”

Kimberley town councillors heard the news from neighbours living near to the welfare, but say they have struggled to confirm the residents fears and do not definitely know if it is true.

When we first revealed the welfare was closing residents revealed their disappointment at the loss of a community facility which provided a social meeting place for the elderly.

When it closed down Cllr Ian Campbell said it was ‘the end of an era’ and ‘terribly sad’.

Resident Melanie Weston wrote into the Advertiser suggesting she would have like to have seen it turned into a community centre with local businesses such as Ikea and Sainsbury’s helping to fund it.

The new owner is rumoured to own a retail shop in Underwood.