Former Chesterfield man awarded Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in Canada

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NEWS: News.

A FORMER Chesterfield man living in Canada has been presented with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for services to society.

Mel Coulson, 66, a retired civil engineer, was recognised for his renovation work on various projects which have benefited the community and created jobs.

About 3,000 medals are handed out in Canada to people like Mel who make a difference to so many lives.

Mel, whose sister and brother-in-law Janice and Pete Pinnock still live in Walton, first began work as a civil engineer constructing the M6 in Cumbria.

He later worked as an engineer abroad in various locations, including St Lucia, before moving to Canada.

Projects he was commended for include renovating a large lakeside camp site, creating church gardens for disabled and partially sighted people and renovating a popular community hall.

Mel lives with his wife Evi, an artist and photographer from Switzerland, in Telkwa, northwest of British Columbia.