Four pronged plan for town council

The chairman of Kimberley Town Council has spoken out about his council ‘strategy’ after four councillors quit last month, claiming their opinions were ignored and money was being wasted.

Jim McDonald said since taking charge of the council last May he has worked on a ‘four pronged strategy’ to improve the way council business is handled and to get the best for Kimberley people.

He said he has introduced ‘governance’ to the council, has worked on running things more ‘effectively and efficiently’, has built relationships up with key organisations, and has worked on moving projects forward that previously stayed on the agenda month after month.

Cllr McDonald called it his ‘vision’.

“I think it’s important things are done absolutely properly and by the book,” he said.

“It became clear we needed structure and governance and we are working harder to implement this vision for Kimberley.

“It doesn’t matter who is chairman or vice chairman. It’s about working with the council,” he added.

The chairman said it was crucial to make friends and build relationships with organisations such as Broxtowe Borough Council and despite past councillors working hard, business had not moved forward in some areas.

“We want to move away from chatting about things, to actually doing things,” he said.

“The council has a big agenda going forward.

“There is the opportunity for people to express their views and we function in a very democratic way. There’s nothing radical or out of the ordinary about our strategy.”