Free parking calls renewed

AN EX-KIMBERLEY councillor has blasted Broxtowe Borough Council for not allowing temporary free parking in Victoria Street car park while roadworks are going on in the town.

Ian Campbell says residents should be able to park in the car park free of charge while James Street is closed for roadworks and half of Sainsbury’s car park is shut for refurbishment.

He said: “I simply asked if they (the council) could, as a gesture of common sense and courtesy to the good burghers of Kimberley, put a bag over the machine on Victoria Street for the duration of the works? But I was told no.

“It just seems ridiculous because there’s nowhere to park at the moment.”

The day Mr Campbell made the call, he had been issued with a ticket in the Victoria Street car park, for staying over an hour without paying.

He was doing voluntary work at the parish hall in Newdigate Street and was forced to park in the Victoria Street car park, completely forgetting where he had left his vehicle as the afternoon went on.

Mr Campbell said whilst he accepted that his ticket was correctly issued, he could not help but think the council should offer free parking when roadworks are going on.

And he also revealed his anger once again that the car parking charges were given the go-ahead in the first place, despite a 3,000-signature petition being submitted against the plans at the time.

He said: “Why are they charging for Victoria Street car par when it was specifically constructed to ease on street parking congestion?”

But John Delaney, Head of Built Environment at Broxtowe Borough Council said there was still plenty of free parking in Kimberley, even while the work continues.

He added: “For safety reasons the car park in James Street has been closed for use by the contractors whilst essential road maintenance work is taking place.

“It was not necessary to provide any additional free parking in the area as there are already a number of other council-owned car parks which offer between one and three hours free parking, as well as extensive free parking at Sainsbury’s and in the precinct providing more than enough capacity to meet demand.”

Car parking charges across the borough will be reviewed by the council this month.