Fresh appeal over one-way system

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A FURTHER appeal to make High Street two-way is being met with mixed opinion in Kimberley.

Cllr Richard Robinson is calling on Nottinghamshire County Council to install a light-controlled system to make the one-way section of High Street two-way, so drivers coming out of Swingate can avoid Greens Lane, Sainsburys traffic and the centre of town.

He has made several approaches to Nottinghamshire County Council to make the road tw- way over the last few years, but the council has carried out surveys and decided the road is too narrow to cater for the extra traffic.

Cllr Robinsons’s latest appeal comes after 90-year-old High Street resident Jim Haddon told him he was ‘at his wits end’ due to cars speeding in both directions and flouting the one-way rules.

Mr Haddon, who has also written to Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry to get something done, said he recently had a ‘lucky escape from what could have been a fatal accident’.

But not all residents in High Street agree with the proposal.

Roy Plumb, who is also chairman of Kimberley Town Council, said while he is sympathetic to the problems faced by Swingate residents having to battle the traffic and the town centre, other solutions need to be looked at because High Street is too narrow to be two-way.

“It’s an absolutely ridiculous idea.

“The road is far too narrow.

“The properties front straight on to the street with no pavement.

“It would be a nightmare.

“Years ago when the road was two-way, traffic was so horrendous on High Street you couldn’t get out your own driveway.

“They should be looking at alternative solutions for residents to get out of Swingate, that do not involve High Street,” he said,

Cllr Richard Robinson asked the county council if the alteration could be made last year.

He also held a public meeting over the matter, where he said people also suggested putting cameras up to catch drivers out.

But he said he was ‘exasperated’ at Nottinghamshire County Council’s response on the matter.

Cllr Robinson said: “The responses from the county council ranged from being totally disinterested to being totally incapable of being creative in any shape or form.”

A Nottinghamshire County Council spokesperson said there had been 15 requests received over the last five years from various residents and councillors to make High Street two-way.

He said each time a survey had been carried out, but the road was found to be too narrow.

“We are aware of the request and we will be a looking at it again,” he added.