Front desk at cop station has closed

Eastwood police station.
Eastwood police station.

The front counter at Eastwood Police Station has closed, leaving angry townfolk feeling they have lost contact with their local police officers.

Nottinghamshire Police Force has closed its two reception desks with the lowest footfall to saved money in its budget.

But Eastwood town councillor Brian Griffin said the ‘personal touch’ has been lost by closing the front doors on locals.

“It’s all to do with statistics and numbers, but we need that personal touch don’t we?

“It’s the same with everything nowadays. The bobby on the beat has gone and we are losing that personal touch more and more. It’s a sad day to see it close.”

The police force says it is a temporary arrangement that will be reviewed in April.

Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero has written to police bosses and the Home Secretary seeking assurance this is the case, and requesting a full consultation to be carried out.

She said: “I was just as shocked and as disappointed when I found out it was closing. I know these changes will cause real concerns for many local folk. We live in a busy town, with a busy high street and although we are told it is only temporary it will still leave Eastwood without any police station members of the public can attend for at least three months.”

But Sgt Andy Browning said the station remains fully staffed with 50 officers, who people can be put in touch with via the phone outside the station.

He said: “It won’t alter the service people get, they just won’t be able to open the door straight away. As long as an officer is here, they can be seen.

“We didn’t get many people coming in to the station who wanted an immediate response,” he added.

“It was mostly people coming in with a planned appointment or bringing documents in, and people can still do this.”

Several years ago plans were made to knock the station down and build a new state-of-the art building for officers further down the road. This fell through due to budget cuts.

A team of CID officers moved in to Eastwood Police Station earlier this month.

The front counter at the Meadows Police Station has also closed.