Fruit stolen off shoddy garden

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Fruit was taken from an allotment in Eastwood because a thief thought the site was so unkept it had been abandoned, it has been claimed.

Colin Walker said the standards at Dovecote Road Allotments were going further down hill each year, and one was in such a bad state that someone recently took the fruit from it thinking nobody was looking after it.

“The standards are going further and further down hill each year.

“I think it’s about time we clamp down on people not keeping them tidy,” he said.

“If the waiting list is that long then we should give other people a turn,” added Mr Walker, whose family have had an allotment at the site for many years.

Mr Walker is a committee member of Dovecote Road Allotments, along with Ralph Pete who described the state of some of them ‘soul destroying’.

“I would say there’s 70 per cent of people that look after them, and the rest get an allotment thinking it’s going to be easy and it gets too much for them,” said Mr Pete.

“There’s one or two that are terrible. It’s soul destroying.”

Allotment holder Dave Parker, 52 said: “There’s some people here that haven’t touched them for three years, and I think they should be thrown off.”

Eastwood Town Council manage the site and leader of the council Cllr David Bagshaw agreed the allotments were ‘looking shoddy’.

“They are looking unkept and uncared for,” he said.

“I would say they are looking shoddy, but I don’t think even that does it justice. It needs sorting out.

“There should be a standard and I think that standard is falling down. It needs looking into.”