Frustration at parking ticket


As a twice weekly user of the car park on Scargill Walk Eastwood, I thought I would share with your readers my concerns.

I attend oil classes at Malcolm Parnham’s art studio Eastwood, and recently a colleague from the class on going out to his car, discovered a parking fine on his windscreen.

It turned out his ticket was on the mat in front of the driver’s seat.

A couple of incidents of a similar nature have happened recently, so I decided to ring Broxtowe Borough Council to voice my concerns.

I went into great lengths to explain the problems incurred and asked why in this particular instance, having sent in the evidence with his appeal, had my colleague not been shown a little understanding and consideration?

I was informed ‘It states quite clearly on every board in all of our car parks that your parking ticket should be on display at all times’.

It would appear that, on removing art equipment from the boot of his car, a sudden draught of wind had dislodged my colleague’s ticket from the dashboard and blown the said ticket onto the car mat.

I am staggered that the ‘powers-that-be’ don’t show a little leniency in cases like this. Surely it isn’t all about money?

Whilst I appreciate the introduction of car parking charges was to provide an income that would protect frontline services, it should not be seen by the general public as a money-making racket.

The two hour duration of an oil class, now means the parking attendant is hovering from five to the hour which means panic stations all round should you be a minute or two late going out to your car.

I find myself (as probably others do) checking and re-checking: is my ticket on show, am I between the lines, what time is it etc etc.

I like everyone else am willing to pay my parking fee but come on, where is the reasoning when someone is fined even after providing the evidence that a ticket was purchased?

Cllr Josie Forrest

Braemar Avenue