Fun day was no competition for pram race

I am writing in regard to the Kimberley fun weekend. Myself, husband and children went to this ‘fun’ day and were disappointed by this event.

My daughter had won a wrist band to go on free rides and there was a total of four.

There was no stilt-walker but a collection of tombola stalls, £2.50 Slush Puppies and, in my view, extortionate fees for the rides.

The only highlight of this day was the yard sale that was taking place.

It is hard to believe this event has come about due to the scaling down of the ‘pram race’.

At no point did I see collections for any charity, which the pram race does year in year out, and raises huge amounts regardless of people drinking on the streets or not.

The only collection was for a dance academy located in Nottingham city centre. Were there no local clubs?

If I had been charged £1 at the gate for this I would have demanded my money back.

I find it incredible that it was hailed a huge success, I think someone needs to go to some sort of events training to organise something better.

I can certainly state that, in my opinion, the amount of individuals attending the scaled-down pram race will certainly put this event to shame — and it will still collect monies for worthy causes than this event.

Mrs Coulter