Fundraising to help little Alex

Karen Gregory made blankets to sell as her Grandson has Leukaemia
Karen Gregory made blankets to sell as her Grandson has Leukaemia

a JACKSDALE grandmother is crocheting blankets in a bid to raise cash for her grandson who is stricken by leukaemia.

Karen Gregory’s five-year-old grandson Alex Houbbon was diagnosed with the illness in October last year and is currently receiving chemotherapy and a course of steroids.

Karen, 50, who volunteers at the Barnados charity shop in Alfreton, is now offering to crochet blankets of any size and colour to raise the cash to send Alex and his parents, Jolene and Paul, for a weekend break at Disneyworld in France. Half of the proceeds will be donated to the children’s ward of the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham where Alex is being treated.

Karen said: “We were all shocked when we heard the diagnosis – but it’s life and we have to get on with it.

“The doctors say Alex has a 90 per cent chance of recovery and it’s predicted that he will make a full recovery by the age of seven.

“That was a big relief.

“Normally he’s happy – he likes to smile and laugh and play.

“He likes mixing with other children in nursery and playing computer games and the Wii.

“He loves the Toy Story films but the steroids make him tired and miserable and he doesn’t like to play.”

Alex was rushed into hospital with flu last week when his temperature rose dangerously high.

Karen and Alex’s parents paid tribute to the staff at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham for the care Alex has received.

Karen, who has been crocheting for seven years, promises to make blankets to measure and can be contacted on 07543 971 185.

Samples of her work are on display in the Barnados charity shop in Alfreton’s Severn Square.

No price have been set so customers can make as big a donation as they like.

“We are going to take him to Disneyworld in Paris. I think he will enjoy it. All his cartoon favourites are there as well as the rides,” Karen added.

“When I spoke to him on the phone yesterday he was cheerful.

“He was asking if I’d bought him anything.

“He’s definitely cheeky!”