Funfair to wreck Coronation Park?

NEAALM110215F1 - Howard Jones in Coronation park Eastwood. He's worried about plans to move the fair to the park
NEAALM110215F1 - Howard Jones in Coronation park Eastwood. He's worried about plans to move the fair to the park

AN EASTWOOD resident wants to stop a funfair coming to town in May, saying it will wreck the turf in Coronation Park.

The application for the fair was provisionally accepted in an Eastwood Town Council meeting last Monday night, but Howard Jones wants councillors to reconsider amid fears the lorries will ruin the ground.

The Plumptre Road resident said: “The grass will get ripped up and Coronation Park will be a right mess. It will be two years before the ground is back in a decent state.

“These vehicles are not small. They are very big and they are going to make big grooves in the park.”

Mr Jones said the vehicles would have to access the park via Chewton Street, meaning they would have to drive over the entire length of the park and past brand new playground equipment.

“They would have to travel along the whole park and could even put the new equipment at risk,” he said

“Putting the new playground in ripped up the grass and that’s just putting in swings and slides with small vehicles.”

The 58-year-old said the lorries could not access the ground via the back of Brookhill Leys School because there are too many trees in the way.

And Mr Jones says he experienced similar problems with Goose Fair when he used to play football in Nottingham when he was younger.

“The vehicles ripped up the ground with their big trucks,” he said.

“We couldn’t play football again all season or the following season. It took two whole years for the ground to be rectified.”

In a town council meeting on Monday night councillors provisionally accepted the application for the funfair to go ahead, but said they would ratify the decision at the next meeting after liaising with Broxtowe Borough Council.

Cllr Bob Charlesworth said: “We will ensure we have grounds to protect the park and until we get the right answers from Broxtowe Borough Council we won’t ratify it.

“As long as there’s no detriment to the park from lorries and so on I don’t see it’s a problem,” he said.

If given the green light, the fair will be held near the five-a-side football pitch.