Future hangs in the balance for church

Beauvale Methodist Church in Eastwood could close if younger members do not come on board to help keep it running.

Minister Steve Bennett said with the increasingly aging congregation, jobs such as opening the church up in the mornings and organising the diary would become more and more difficult for members, and younger people were needed if the church was to carry on.

“We have an increasingly aging congregation at the church and we have got to a position where we need to decide what the long term future is.

“Are we going to get new members in this day and age? That’s the question.”

“It may be that the ultimate decision is made to close the chapel.”

Mr Bennett said opening up the building, organising the worship and arranging for the church to be cleaned were just a few of the jobs taken on by church members.

“It’s whether the congregation we have will still be able to do the work in a few years time,” he said.

The minister said in a few years ‘extensive renovation work’ would also need doing at the church in Dovecote Road, Hilltop.

“The building will need significant work done to over the next ten years.

“At the moment it’s in reasonable condition but we have to think about the cost for the future.

“The fabric of the building will not last forever and the roof will need doing soon which will cost a substantial amount of money.

“If we can’t see a way how the developments would be dealt with, one option would be to cease worship. We are exploring the available options.”