Future of town’s clinic still unclear

Eastwood Health Centre
Eastwood Health Centre

NHS bosses have refused to say if Eastwood Health Centre will close this week, after announcing a 30-day consultation on plans to move staff to offices in Ilkeston.

Concerned workers contacted the Advertiser after the announcement was made to them last Thursday - but bosses say the workers have been aware of the plans to move office base ‘for some time and will not move from Eastwood Health Centre until after the consultation’.

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero says her attempts to find out if the consultation will be public - so local folk can give their views - have not been answered.

She said: “Eastwood residents will rightly be concerned about the potential loss of the health centre. So far health chiefs have been unable to tell me whether this consultation is going to be open to the public or not so that people can actually have their say.

“When I have tried to find out what services are going to be maintained in the town, they could only tell me that they are ‘committed to ensuring high quality health services for the people of Eastwood’ but people want to know exactly what this means in practice.

“It’s all well and good saying services will operate from Kimberley instead but is in a completely different town at the expense of our own.”

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request by the MP which asked how long Eastwood Podiatry clinic is going to be closed, what options for a new centre had been considered and if the consultation will be public were not answered by NHS Nottingham West Clinical Commissioning Group.

The CCG said: “Eastwood health centre has been deemed unfit for use and a thorough search has been undertaken to find a suitable, local alternative. Ilkeston will be an office base only and all patients will be seen in the most appropriate and improved local setting to Eastwood.”