Future plans for transport in Eastwood and Kimberley

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A full investigation into future transport solutions to Kimberley and Eastwood will be carried out by the council after they voted to spend £20,000 on a study.

At a Broxtowe Borough Council cabinet meeting on Tuesday January 6, the majority of councillors voted for a transport investigation to be held with special focus on the A610 leading to Nuthall and congestion around Giltbrook Retail Park.

The investigation will include traffic solutions, improvements to public transport such as tram links to Eastwood, Kimberley and further, and cycle paths and pedestrian access in the area.

Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council Milan Radulovic said that although Giltbrook Retail Park brings great economic benefits and provides lots of jobs in the area, there were a lot of problems with congestion over the Christmas period and so the transport in the area needs to be reviewed.

He added: “The investigation will look at the long-term intergration of different types of transport so that we can create some traffic solutions.

“Unless we plan properly with future transport measures we will not be able to take advantage of opportunities that arise.”

At the cabinet meeting there were five votes in favour of spending £20,000 on a transport investigation, three councillors against and one abstention.

The money will come from funds set aside for intergrated transport planning strategy and the project will be in conjunction with the county council.