Games area lights plan is put on hold

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PLANS to install lighting on a multi-use games area and pathway in Kimberley have been put on hold after the town council received a complaint from a resident living nearby.

Lights were due to be put up in the games area and in the pathway leading away from it so teenagers could play football in the evening, and people could feel safe as they walked down the path.

But a resident living in Noel Street complained about the pathway light shining onto his property, leaving the council with no choice but to halt the plans.

Chairman of Kimberley Town Council Cllr Roy Plumb said: “We did have a complaint from someone who said his garden would be illuminated by the light but we have now agreed to make an amendment to the positioning of the light and put a shield on it so it points downwards.”

The complaint was discussed in a Kimberley Town Council meeting last week, where it was agreed the pathway light would be switched off at 10.30pm and the lights on the MUGA would be switched off at 10pm, to save light pollution in to neighbouring properties.

Cllr Andy Cooper visited the resident and said he had also expressed concern that the lighting in the alleyway would attract youths hanging around.

“They put extra lighting up behind the Hama Medical Centre and it increased anti-social behaviour and they ended up taking it down,” said Cllr Cooper.

Local beat officers were invited to the town council meeting to explain the importance of the MUGA and why evening lighting was a good idea.

Pc Paul Toon said the MUGA was initially built to reduce anti-social behaviour on the Stag Recreation Ground and give teenagers something to do.

He said since it has been in place crime on the Stag had almost disappeared, and it was important now the nights are drawing in that teenagers could still use the facility.

He also said people were not using the footpath in the evening because they could not see and did not feel safe.

Cllr Plumb added: “It’s a great facility and keeps the youths occupied instead of them being out on the streets.”

The lighting will be funded by Nottinghamshire County Council.