Gap is bridged with dance

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Dancers at Hall Park Academy in Eastwood joined forces with a dance group for pensioners in Brinsley.

The Bring The Bass dance group based at the school worked with Movement for All – a dance group for the over 60s – to create a dance merging styles for both young and old.

Students worked on a hip-hop dance sequence, which they taught to members of Movement for All, and then learnt more about movement for those with limited mobility, and how the older dancers danced when they were younger.

The two groups merged everything they learned together to come up with a routine to ‘Dancing in the Street’– an apt favourite which had links to the street style of the younger students and the more traditional styles of dance for the older members.

Bring The Bass dance teacher Gill Clarkson said bringing the young and the old together in a joint project was ‘great for community cohesion and bringing community links together’.

And Karla Jones, dance leader at Movement for All said: “We had all sorts of dance styles involved. The kids were mainly trained in hip hop and street dance, and our dancers come from a varied background. Some have never danced before and some have danced lots in the past.

“I think it’s really important to engage people of different ages so we can bridge that inter-generational gap. They got on really well and were willing to learn from each other. The younger kids didn’t think they knew it all, they picked up plenty of tips!”

One of the school dancers said: “We learnt things from them and they learnt things from us. It was good fun.”

Movement for all provides the chance for over 60s to dance, keep fit and meet new people. They meet every Monday at Brinsley Community Hall.

Bring the Bass dance company is the extra-curricular dance group that represent the academy in competitions across the country.