Gardener calls for allotment security

An Eastwood alltoment holder is calling for improved security at the plots in Derby Road after repeated break-ins.

Jim Riley asked Eastwood Town Council if they could put security fencing up or install a lockable gate at the Derby Road allotments after several people had their sheds broken into last month.

But councillors said it was unlikely because of cost.

Cllr Charlie Robb said: “We have looked at this before and said it was too expensive.

“I have no objection to erecting a fence, but it would mean an increase in tenants rents.

“At this time I would not like to do this because people can’t afford to keep putting their hands in their pockets. Not at a time when we are in financial dire straits.

“At the end of the day it boils down to hard cash and people haven’t got it to throw around.”

Cllr David Bagshaw said part of the problem would be finding someone to lock the gate at the end of each day.

“The solution is not just to provide a gate, but provide a lockable gate and someone has to take that on. You have to have someone responsible for making sure that gate is secure.

Mr Riley, of Ryemere Close, said it was not the first time the allotment sheds had been broken into.

“It’s not the first time. Last year it happened and a couple of years ago a rotator was stolen.

“And we get our crops stolen. It’s always happening so something should be done,” he said.

Mr Riley said the intruders were getting in through the cottage gardens next to the allotments.

Several sheds were broken into overnight on September 14.

Many items were taken including a camping stove and knives.