Gardening cost rise ‘shameful’


If you look towards Beeston from anywhere within Broxtowe you can see the dark cloud of shame which hangs over the district council offices where our so-called pillars of the community make decisions to hit out at the most vulnerable people in our community. I speak of our old and disabled who cannot hit back.

A few months ago a paper on gardening services was sent to all those who use it, worded so that users would feel they had no choice but to tick a box in a choice of amounts they would pay for this service or they would not get it.

Misleadingly, it gave people the impression that they must tick the £2 box or higher amounts.

Now, that charge is being imposed at £2.17 which is already an eight per cent increase even before it starts.

Papers were sent at short notice before imposition so that it pressurises the vulnerable again to comply. Many people are terrified of losing another £104.16 a year.

Most have already lost £100 from winter fuel allowance, faced 14 and 18 per cent rises for fuel, increased water rates and only received a five per cent pension increase of which some is deducted from other benefits.

The council letter points out that charities could help instead but charities have had cuts from this same council.

If they are in council accommodation and fail to keep the garden tidy, rules of said council say they could face eviction.

The letter states that the charge would be added to rent accounts so I asked on someone’s behalf if having a rent rebate meant this cost would be absorbed in this but I was told no, it would be a separate charge.

The veiled threats of action against tenants failing to comply shows the depths to which the council has sunk.

Where is the money saved by last year’s savage cuts?

Is this money cut from gardening services to be used for the Broxtowe mayor’s much publicised 100,000 planted trees planted? If so what is it for next year?

Will all of us oldies be asked to lie down and die to save money or would that be an excuse to up the costs at the crematorium for this council?

Remember them when they want your vote.

John Sisson

Park Avenue