Giltbrook motorist crashed into home

Debbie Fletcher, of Glasshouse Hill, Codnor, stands next to her house which was damaged by a car on Sunday, January 8, 2012
Debbie Fletcher, of Glasshouse Hill, Codnor, stands next to her house which was damaged by a car on Sunday, January 8, 2012

A GILTBROOK motorist left his car embedded in a house after crashing at speed and fleeing, a court has heard.

A family were asleep in the house in Codnor at the time and thought there had been an earthquake as Matthew Holland crashed his Audi into the side of their home.

Now Holland has appeared in court where he admitted charges including dangerous driving and failing to provide a breath test.

Magistrates in Chesterfield adjourned the case for sentencing at Derby Crown Court later this month.

The court heard the January 8 crash at Glasshouse Hill caused structural damage to Debbie and Glen Fletcher’s house, forcing the family to move out for safety reasons.

Repair work is not due to be completed for another three months. Mr Fletcher told police it felt like life had been ‘put on hold’.

Special Constable Craig Hudson was first on the scene after the crash. He was driving home at 3am after finishing his shift when an Audi car approached him from behind at speed and braked hard.

He thought the driver had not seen his vehicle. The Audi stopped about a yard behind him and went on to overtake him at an estimated 60 to 70mph near the Gate pub in Codnor.

The car passed out of sight and entered a sharp right-hand bend and the officer expected to see an accident had occurred.

“The road was covered in debris and dust was still flying,” stated SPc Hudson.

He stopped and found Holland, 24, pushing down an airbag as he struggled to get out of the car. He had a graze to his forehead and appeared to be drunk.

Peter Bettney, prosecuting, said SPc Hudson detained him and called for other officers to attend the scene. Holland pleaded to be let go, saying he would lose his job.

“I refused, saying he could have killed someone. He overpowered me and managed to run off,” added SPc Hudson. Holland was later found and arrested.

Mr Bettney said Holland failed to blow properly into an intoxilyser machine and police were unable to take a breath-alcohol reading.

“The vehicle had gone through a boundary hedge and across a garden and collided with a house. Mr Fletcher said he thought there was an earthquake and then he found the vehicle embedded in his house.

“The family had moved out temporarily because of concerns about safety,” said Mr Bettney.

Holland, of Robina Drive, Giltbrook, Nottingham, admitted dangerous driving, failing to stop after an accident and failing to provide a breath specimen for analysis. He had no previous convictions.

Presiding magistrate Peter Greaves said the offence was beyond their sentencing powers and committed him to be dealt with by a judge at Derby Crown Court on February 17. Mr Greaves imposed an interim driving ban and ordered probation service reports for the crown court hearing.