Giltbrook pub puts on election-themed burger menu

Manager Pete SMith with his six election burgers.
Manager Pete SMith with his six election burgers.
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Get into the election spirit as a pub is offering a new burger menu based on your local politicians this week.

The Hayloft pub in Giltbrook has designed a burger to honour each of Broxtowe’s six prospective parliamentary candidates in the run-up to the general election.

Licensee of the Nottingham Road pub, Pete Smith, said: “Myself and the chef decided it would be a bit of a giggle.

“This election is the biggest one in a while, and everyone is talking about it and making a fuss. So we have named our newest burger menu after each of the local candidates.”

For Frank Dunne, UKIP, the pub designated a classic six-ounce beef with smokey bacon and melted cheddar.

“Anna is a grilled chicken breast, creamy blue sauce, obviously taken from the Tories’ blue symbol,” said Pete.

The Nick Palmer Burger follows a red theme with a six-ounce beefburger with red onion, red peppers and lettuce.

Stan Heptinstall, Liberal Democrat, is honoured with a beefburger with yellow peppers and English mustard.

And Justice 4 Men and Boys’ Ray Barry has a beefburger with creamy mushroom and peppercorn sauce.

Local Green Party candidates have already been in to try a David Kirwan burger, said Pete. “The Greens are quite aptly the veggie option, with butternut squash and beetroot.”

He added: “The winner who takes the seat on Thursday will be kept on the specials board.”

Polls open on May 7 at 7am.