Gloria De Piero

I know many Eastwood residents will be anxious because of the recent speculation regarding the health clinic.

Quite simply I don’t want to see our town lose a single service and I’ve written to the PCT to find out exactly what they have planned and how this might affect people because at the minute I’m afraid their answers just aren’t clear enough.

It’s vital that the powers-that-be are transparent and that everyone is given the chance to have their say on any new proposals.

In the meantime I will be keeping a very close eye on the situation. I’ve written to them asking some very specific questions and I expect some straight answers.

If you have relied or currently rely on services provided at the clinic I’d love you to e-mail me at

It’s great to know we can work together as a team on so many things. I’m no education expert but I did get a ‘Back To The Future’ feeling when I heard the Government that introduced the GCSE twenty odd years ago now wants to scrap the GCSE and replace it with the O-Level which they scrapped twenty years ago.

Confused? Me too – so thanks to all the teachers who got in touch and gave me their views. They raised some valuable concerns which I raised in Parliament with the Education Secretary. A special thanks to local sixth former, Sarah, who told me in no uncertain terms what a ridiculous idea she thought it was. I quite agree!

This week I’d like to use this column to congratulate all of the staff at the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre and DH Lawrence Birthplace Museum.

These two brilliant places have been named Nottinghamshire’s Best Visitor Attraction.

I’m a massive fan and it comes as no surprise to me that they have won and are now in the running for a national tourism award. All I can say is that their competitors will certainly have their work cut out. Well done guys.

Finally the next time I write this column I’ll be married so lots of preparations are in hand. Thanks to Katie and the team from Style 2000 for their help in getting me prepared for the big day!

I may be celebrating but do remember if you ever need my help please don’t hesitate to call my office. If you are a business, school or voluntary group and would like me to come along and visit then I’m always more than happy too. I’m now booking up for the autumn months so get in touch quick.