Gloria De Piero

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POTHOLE RESULT - I’m out and about door knocking whenever I can and it is one of my favourite parts of the job because it’s a great chance to find out what’s on local people’s mind.
I recently met two residents in Eastwood on the doorstep and they both told me how fed up they were with potholes on Walker Street and Kirby Road and I can certainly understand why. One of the potholes actually damaged the springs in one of the ladies’ car and cost her over £160 to repair. I got in touch with bosses at Notts County Council straight away and I’m pleased to say that both roads have been inspected and should be repaired within 28 days, with Kirby Road treated as a priority

If any of you find yourself needing help or advice about any issue then there are plenty of ways to get in touch. It doesn’t matter whether you write in, e-mail, phone up or pop in and see me at one of my regular surgeries; I’ll always take up your concerns. From Monday through to Thursday I do have to be in Parliament, but that doesn’t mean my team can’t help. You can get in touch and book an appointment with my fantastic new caseworker Lee.

Finally, I don’t know where we’d be without our health service but volunteers often have a huge role to play as well in taking care of loved ones. This week is National Carer’s week (10th-16th June) and you might be surprised to hear that one in eight people in the constituency is a carer, so I’m dedicating this column to everyone who gives so much love and support to people who matter to them the most. You really are unsung heroes. Get in touch if you need any help, advice or if you’d like me to raise any issues about your role with Government Ministers.