Gloria De Piero column: Child Support Agency must do more

Gloria De Piero
Gloria De Piero

I was left flabbergasted by the behaviour of one ‘dad’, and I apply that term very loosely.

His ex-partner has been completely worn down by his antics to avoid paying child maintenance.

This absent father had just given his 26th ‘change of circumstances’, which is utterly ridiculous and means that the Child Support Agency (CSA) have to reassess him which can take anything up to three months to agree a new figure. He’ll then pay once or twice if his kids are lucky before doing the same thing over again.

The mum reckons she’s spent more on phone calls to the CSA in the last six months than she has had from him in maintenance payments.
He needs to take a long hard look at himself and pull his finger out and the CSA must clamp down on this sort of behaviour. It’s scandalous.
We are halfway through the year and the last six months has been so busy.
To put it into context last year I dealt with over 1,200 problems and issues for you but this year we have already worked our way through 1,000 and more cases.
We are on course to double last year’s total. Keep them coming in though because I’m here to help.
I’m more than happy to be your first port of call whether that be for general advice or to fight your corner so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or send me a quick email.
Supermarket giant Morrisons has been in the news lately after announcing staff are being consulted on job losses, which could hit over 2,600 management roles in 511 stores across the country. There’s two stores in our patch, including the one near my house in Eastwood and one over in Kirkby.
I’ve already contacted the chief executive’s office to ask what sort of impact this will have locally and how they plan to support staff through this difficult time and I’ll be fighting to keep jobs in the area and make sure anybody affected is given an opportunity to transfer.
If you are worried or want some advice then my office can help and will always treat it confidentially.
Finally, I was sad to get confirmation that the Victory Club has closed its doors to regulars for the last time.
The club on Walker Street has served the community for almost 90 yearsand’ has been a popular haunt for residents to grab a pint or two and socialise.
There were efforts to try and save it - there were two people who put together a joint bid to take on the club but that was rejected.
I contacted the brewery too who told me the sale had been negotiated by the receiver so I couldn’t get them to budge. The Victory Club may be gone but it won’t be forgotten.