Gloria De Piero says Labour has shown that it is ready for Government

Gloria De Piero MP
Gloria De Piero MP

Last week’s Labour Party conference saw some important policy announcements made which demonstrate how Labour would change this country for the better when in Government, writes Gloria De Piero, MP for Ashfield.

A really important policy concerns the provision of childcare for pre-schoolers.

The Tories’ 30 hours free childcare pledge is putting many nurseries under financial strain as they struggle to cope due to insufficient funding.

Childcare prices are rising as a result and there is a risk of early years education becoming a privilege for the better off.

Under Labour, all two, three and four year-olds would get 30 hours of genuinely free childcare a week, with additional subsidised hours available on top which would be free for those on the lowest incomes and capped at £4 an hour for the rest.

There are also plans to increase the quality of childcare by improving the pay and skills of childcare professionals – 85 per cent of whom are on the minimum wage.

How would Labour pay for this?

By taxing the top five per cent of earners and big companies more, instead of handing them tax breaks like the Tories have.

Jeremy Corbyn also revealed a forward-thinking plan for future proofing the economy and energy supply of the United Kingdom.

The plan will create around 400,000 jobs by investing in, and transforming, the UK’s energy to renewable or low carbon supplies, building new energy efficient homes and insulating older ones.

This will help cut carbon emissions by 60 per cent by 2030 and eliminate fuel poverty.

Much of the coverage of the conference was dominated by Brexit.

I cannot reiterate enough that Labour will not stop Brexit – what we want now is a deal that works for everyone.

The Tories have made a real hash of negotiating with the EU.

Economy and living standards are being put at risk and Labour will not let the country be plunged into crisis.

It will continue to fight for the right deal – even if it means taking over negotiations ourselves.