Go-ahead to sell off ‘drain on resources’

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Eastwood town councillors have agreed to sell off the town’s post office building which the authority bought just eight months ago to provide its new permanent home.

The Advertiser revealed last month that the proposal was on the table and at Monday’s full council meeting it was agreed to finish some renovations and then put the building up for sale when the property market has improved.

Leader of Eastwood Town Council, Cllr David Bagshaw said they had been hit with having to deal with the repairs.

He said: “The property was in a state. After much 
deliberation we have 
concluded that this project is too much of a drain on our resources and with regret, we will relinquish ownership of the building and the flat above, and cease all work except what is legally required. The building will then be put on the open market when the time is right. In 
hindsight, buying the post office was a mistake, but one which we will learn from in the future.”

He added: “It is important to stress that 
regardless of our plans to sell, the post office will remain and that is the most important thing. We need to keep the post office in the town, that is vital to the community.”

Cllr Brian Griffin proposed that once the work was completed on the flat above, the future tenant would be ordered to maintain liveable standards.

He said: “We will be sending the future tenant a letter to inform them that the property needs to be kept tidy, toprevent having to go through this process again and spending a large amount of funds on doing so.”

Councillors agreed to buy the buildng on Nottingham Road, in October 2013. They had planned to take rent from the post office.