Good luck kitten has huge feet

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A kitten has been born in Brinsley with 23 toes due to a rare genetic condition that is said to bring good luck.

Appropriately named Toby, the cat has five more toes than normal – six on three feet and five on the other, instead of five on the back and four on the front.

Owner Jo Bradley said: “We realised when he was two days old. I was changing the bedding and picking him up and I saw these great big feet!

“He looks like he’s got flippers on!”

Cats with extra toes are called Polydactyl or ‘mitten cats’, and are known to bring good luck.

Often intentionally bred to catch mice, they can open doors with their extra ‘thumb’.

Toby has The Bradley’s cat Molly, Toby’s mum, was due to get neutered back in April, when she escaped out of a window and got pregnant.

“She didn‘t come back for three days and we were heart broken,” said Jo. “She came polling in a few days later with leaves all over her. She looked like a feather duster!”

But the condition is genetic, meaning the Tom Cat must have Polydactyly.

“I’ve been looking around the village for cats with big feet!” said Jo, of Church Walk.

The rest of the litter will go to new homes but Toby will stay with the Bradley family.

Jo would love to hear from the owner of the Tom cat. If you live in Brinsley and your cat has extra toes call Jo on 01773 717 762.