Good riddance to Man in Space


Reading your article about the Man in Space pub in Eastwood I had to pinch myself to see if I were still awake!

Surely this can’t be the place where I have lived across the road from for the best part of ten years? Some of the worst times of my life all because of this ‘public house’.

From the beginning of 2003 I have witnessed first hand the closing of traffic at Hilltop on New Year’s Eve to let the crowd in The Man in Space take control of the street and run totally amok.

I have had to stay awake at least three nights a week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) until the early hours while the last of the revellers clear off.

I have had to endure gangs of drunken yobs – again from the good old Man in Space – kicking the bus shelter to a million pieces only three metres from my living room while listening to the endless barrage of vile filthy language.

I have had to endure my front shop door being kicked in by a drunken yob and debris thrown at my windows – both my shop and flat above. And God be with you if try to rebuke them.

On one occasion I rang 999 and was promptly put in place as to the proper use of an emergency number.

If they were in the position as myself, and my by now terrified wife were, they might alter their mind, but as it were the police arrived two hours later when all was quiet again.

I haven’t mentioned my side entrance being used as a toilet with no apologies or clean up the next day.

I haven’t mentioned one sunny Saturday afternoon around 2pm someone exposing himself and urinating at the bus shelter in front of women and children and anyone else who was there.

And I haven’t mentioned the taunts, the abuse, the foul talk, the lines of beer glasses on my window every Sunday morning after they had been standing in the bus queue drinking Saturday night – courtesy of the good old Man In Space.

I have not even scratched the surface.

And what about all the poor wretched families of these drunken yobs? My prayers go to them.

I watched this pub being built never once imagining what misery it would cause me and my wife in later years.

But to see it in flat and ruins – life is good.

Sam Naylor

Hilltop Eastwood